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Queen Mary and Westfield College

Queen Mary and Westfield College was a UK government-recognised body that gave awards between 1995 and 2009.

Its qualifications are verified by:

Queen Mary University of London Queen Mary University of London is a UK government-recognised university or college which currently gives degree awards.

At present due to the COVID-19 outbreak the University is closed and staff are homeworking. We are unable to verify awards before the year 2007. Please do not submit your request at this time.

Please ensure that all consent forms mention Hedd.

Online degree data verification available via Hedd

Queen Mary, University of London now charge for references unless you are trying to gain confirmation of:

Undergraduate Medicine and Dentistry Students or Research Degree students (i.e. PhD, MPhil, MD(Res) Students on these courses should contact the relevant student office.

This institution does not process MBBS student verification requests via Hedd.

You need to upload a consent form signed by the candidate as a PDF, JPG, PNG or TIF

Contact details for Queen Mary and Westfield College

Academic Registry,
Queens Building,
Queen Mary University of London,
E1 4NS,
United Kingdom