Many universities have now moved to home working as have all Hedd staff due to COVID-19. Please note that this may cause delays to completing degree enquiries, especially for older graduate cohorts since staff won't be able to access physical archives. Please check an institution's notes for details of any further delays or restrictions before submitting an enquiry.

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Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University is a UK government-recognised university or college which currently gives degree awards.

Online degree data verification available via Hedd

This university is an exclusive partner of Hedd and degree verifications can only be obtained directly through registering on the Hedd website.

Unfortunately we cannot process reference requests for students who studied at OBU prior to 1992.

You will need to contact OUVS for information.

OUVS Tel 020 7430 2322

OUVS Website

You need to upload a consent form PDF signed by the candidate